Martha Scott

A trained microbiologist/ doctor Martha (38) will pick up her mother’s mantle in the race to find new antibiotics. She also teaches at University College London (UCL) and loves to include gruesome historical biomedical stories in her lectures. Martha is her sister’s moral compass, or tries to be, and this inevitably causes conflict between them. She’s the opposite of her twin sister, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Her husband, JACOB lost his job at the NHS due to sepsis, and now has a prosthetic hand. He currently works for Surgeon X as her anaesthetist. He and Martha have a young boy, ALEX and an older girl, ISLA who has Down’s Syndrome. Martha is more easy going than Rosa and is aware that she is the most anchored in a family of extreme personalities. She takes on a maternal role with Lewis, but she clashes more regularly with Rosa. They are very close, but have different outlooks on life.