Sara Kenney

Writer/ Producer/ Director – comic, app, animations and documentaries

Sara Kenney is a Writer/ Producer/ Director based in London, England. She started her career working in science, but left a good job with great career prospects to work in TV. For the last 16-years she’s worked as a filmmaker on documentaries, drama and animation (BBC, Channel 4, Discovery).

John Watkiss


John is an artist who has worked in both comics and film. He began his career in London as a portrait painter and illustrator and then also taught anatomy and fine art at the Royal College of Art. Watkiss has worked for Derek Jarman, Saatchi & Saatchi, Ridley Scott Associates, Francis Ford Coppola, DreamWorks, 20th Century Fox, and Disney. In comics Watkiss’ work includes: Sandman, Conan, Deadman and Ring of Roses.

Karen Berger


Karen Berger is an award-winning editor and founder of Vertigo, the renowned, influential and groundbreaking imprint of DC Comics, a division of Warner Bros. Karen led Vertigo for 20 years, publishing over 300 properties and many acclaimed and best-selling comics and graphic novels including: Sandman, V for Vendetta, Preacher, Swamp Thing, Fables, Hellblazer, Y–the Last Man and 100 Bullets. Surgeon X is the first comic series she’s edited since becoming a happy and devil-may-care freelancer.

James Devlin


Glasgow based James Devlin has worked on various titles including Testament and Supergirl. Along with Surgeon X, he is currently drawing and colouring the grindhouse horror action-thriller Vietnam Zombie Holocaust.

Jared K Fletcher


After graduating from the Kubert School Jared K. Fletcher began working at DC Comics as part of their new in-house lettering department. A few years later, he left to pursue his freelance career as the proprietor of Studio Fantabulous.

Duncan Copp


Duncan has worked as a freelance producer-director for almost 20 years. His recent films include Secrets of the Sun, Doomsday Volcanoes and Neil Armstrong: First Man on the Moon.

Richard Bruning

Graphic Designer

Richard Bruning has spent a lifetime in the comics business, both as a creator and as DC Comics’ Creative Director. As a graphic designer, he created the logo for the Vertigo comics imprint. An award-winning graphic designer, he’s created scores of logos, including the Vertigo comics imprint logo.

Michael Mensah-Bonsu

App Designer

Michael Mensah-Bonsu is the Managing Director of Vuniiun a London based content delivery company. Vuniiun is dedicated to utilising new and existing platforms to develop and deploy multiple forms of content in unique and original ways.

Simon Armstrong

Animation Director & Poster/ Slide/Political Logos Design

Simon Armstrong is the Founder and Creative Director of ticktockrobot. His core specialties are in concept design and development, as well as animation and art direction. He has written, produced and directed an eclectic scope of projects on a diverse number of subjects, ranging in complexity and audience type.

Dr Emma Sutton

Medical Humanities Producer & Historian. Queen Mary University of London

Dr Emma Sutton worked as a documentary film maker at the BBC for ten years, before completing a Wellcome Trust-funded MA and PhD in the history of medicine. She is a post-doctoral researcher and Co-ordinator for Public Engagement at the Centre for the History of the Emotions, Queen Mary University of London.

Prof Alice Roberts

Narrator Info-animations/ How to Buy Surgeon X

Alice is an anatomist, anthropologist and Professor of Public Engagement in Science at the University of Birmingham. She is also a broadcaster and has presented several landmark BBC programmes.

Oliver Kenney

Composer – animations & documentaries

Oliver Kenney works as a music consultant for c-burn, creating playlists for brands such as Soho House, Paul Smith & MEATliquor. He’s also composed original music for the short film Angels & Ghosts, Surgeon X as well as creating Spotify playlists for many of the characters.

Marnie Chesterton

Producer – audio documentaries

Marnie Chesterton is a audio producer from London. She has worked on radio projects about science, the environment, health, design and food for BBC, RNW and NPR. She has made several programmes about the antibiotics crisis for the BBC.

Michelle Martin

Exec Producer – audio documentaries

Michelle Martin is a Science Radio Producer at the BBC, making documentaries on everything from music to microbes.

Kamini Plaha

Researcher/Photographer – archive & stills

Kamini is a visual storyteller who specialises in science communication. Recently, Kamini has been photo-graphing events and editing movies on Premiere Pro.

Thy Quach

Editor – documentaries, trailer and how to buy

Thy Quach works as freelance film editor based in London.

Key Science Consultants

Dr Matthew Avison, Microbiologist, University of Bristol

Dr Vaughan Bell, Neuroscientist and Clinical Psychologist, UCL

Prof Laura Bowater, Microbiologist, University of East Anglia

Dr Elvira Bramon, Neuroscientist and Psychiatrist, UCL

Ms Laura Coates (Surgeon)

Prof Sarah Cunningham-Burley Sociologist, University of Edinburgh

Dr Gavin Jell, Tissue Engineer, UCL

Prof Alan Johnson, Clinical Scientist, Public Health England

Prof Roger Kneebone, Surgical Education & Engagement Science, Imperial College London

Ms Caroline Moore, Reader in Urology, UCL & Honorary Consultant Urological Surgeon, UCLH Trust

Nick Newton, Surgeon Lieutenant Commander, Royal Navy

Dr Harriet Palfreyman, Historian, University of Manchester

Dr Emmanuelle Peters, Clinical Psychologist, Kings College London

Dr Adam Roberts, Microbiologist, UCL

Dr James Wilson, Philosopher & Ethicist, UCL

Dan Kritschker

Editor – trailer

Cameramen & Sound

Philip Barthropp
Jeremy Pollard
Edmund Saunders

Sound Recordist

Martin Adams

Jellyfish Digital

Digital Marketing
Rob Pierre – CEO
Carter Rennison – Account Director
Craig Paterson – Group Senior Project Manager

F1 Digital

Motion Graphics (documentaries)

Brad Purnell

Motion Graphics (How to Buy Surgeon X)


Post Production Services
Nick Handley – Sound Designer
Cecile Janet – Sound Designer

Mark Antony

Voice Artist – Lionheart Party

Constellation Men’s Ensemble

I’ll Overcome Some Day – original hymn by Charles Albert Tindley

Arrangement by Derek Boemler – Soloist Steven Michael Dunstan Richardson

Constellation Men's Ensemble

Jessie Banks

Singer – I’ll Overcome Someday, production by Oliver Kenney (trailer version 2)

Wellcome Trust is an independent global charitable foundation dedicated to improving health. They support bright minds in science, the humanities and the social sciences, as well as education, public engagement and the application of research to medicine.

Image Comics

With thanks to our brilliant print and eBook publisher Image Comics

Eric Stephenson, Publisher
Corey Murphy, Director of Sales
Jeff Boison, Director of Publishing Planning & Book Trade Sales
Kat Salazar, Director of PR & Marketing
Jeremy Sullivan, Director of Digital Sales
Branwyn Bigglestone, Senior Accounts Manager
Drew Gill, Art Director
Jonathan Chan, Production Manager
Meredith Wallace, Print Manager
Randy Okamura, Marketing Production Designer
David Brothers, Branding Manager
Ally Power, Content Manager
Addison Duke, Production Artist
Vincent Kukua, Production Artist
Sasha Head, Production Artist
Tricia Ramos, Production Artist
Emilio Bautista, Digital Sales Associate
Chloe Ramos-Peterson, Administrative Assistant
Briah Skelly, Publicity Assistant
Jeff Stang, Sales Representative

Superfan Promotions

David Hyde – Founder
Pamela Mullin Horvath – Publicity Director

Wellcome Moving Image and Sound Collection

Angela Saward, Curator
Age of Promise (1956)
Trust the Expert (1942)
Antibiotics, Scientific Promises (1946)

Prelinger Archives

Poultry on the Farm (1937)

BFI National Archive

Discovery of Penicillin archive film

Special thanks to the Wellcome Trust without whose faith and support this project would never have happened.