Lewis Scott

Half-brother to Rosa and Martha, Lewis (25) is brilliant, beguiling and biracial  the result of John’s affair with a Sierra Leonian doctor who literally dumped Lewis on his father’s doorstep when he was a baby. A tech wizard who works for a games company, Lewis is also Surgeon X’s number one fan and helper, programming Rosa’s surgical robots and medical tech, running her appointment book through the Dark Web, and transporting her patients to her secret surgery. A schizophrenic, Lewis frequently stops his meds and this often leads to further psychotic episodes, which his family must contend with. His best friend is MAI WATKINS, a Vietnamese woman. Lewis is in love with her, but it’s unrequited because Mai has a girlfriend. Mai is also a surgical nurse for Surgeon X. Off hours, Lewis loves to party at his favourite club RETRO ELECTRO.