Surgeon X

Rosa becomes Surgeon X, a renegade doctor who treats those who have been abandoned by the system, keeping her alternative life secret since her work is unorthodox and sometimes illegal. Some of the treatments are experimental and some are only available from other countries futuristic surgery and medicine that hasn’t been certified in the UK. Her patients run the gamut and they often live off the grid: immigrants, criminals, or just your basic working-class Joe with severe angina who can’t get the NHS to do his quadruple bypass without a five-year wait. Most of this work is pro bono and she is prepared to treat anyone, rich or poor, as long as she deems them worthy of saving. Rosa turns away people she thinks can get help elsewhere or those who can’t be helped at all. But, she also turns away people who she doesn’t think deserve her help – greedy, selfish individuals or those who have harmed others. As Rosa’s ego inflates, her judgment becomes more dubious and at times unethical, flying in the face of her Hippocratic oath.